Logo has recently declared bankruptcy and their services have been discontinued. AlphaTrade was a digital media and marketing company specializing in the delivery of financial information and investor relations solutions for public companies.

TMX Group is pleased to be able to offer similar and comprehensive services to AlphaTrade customers, as follows:

TMX PowerStream™ —
An Alternative to E-Gate
Real Time Stock Quotes


TMX IR Solutions —
An Alternative to E-Trax
Web Page Financial Content

If you have come to rely on E-Gate for a comprehensive, affordable, streaming real-time stock quote service, TMX offers a powerful alternative.

TMX PowerStream™ provides both the non-professional and professional user access to real-time stock market quotes, charts, news, research and more, in a feature-rich, user-friendly, customizable desktop or mobile interface. Register today for a 7 day free trial!

E-Trax offered a set of customizable financial content modules for public company websites. TMX Group provides a dynamic series of turnkey products delivered to match your company brand.

TMX IR Solutions offer a timely view of share performance to investors for publicly-traded companies on North American markets and global markets. Products include detailed company data, charting, price history, trading activity, news and commodity quotes.

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For more information: