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Insights to optimize your trading

Today’s market structure is complex. Better analytics can help you see beyond the top of book quote, uncover hidden trends in dark trading, incorporate new information into an automated trading strategy or more deeply understand when routing or config changes are needed.

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Client Testimonial

TMX Grapevine allowed us to conduct deep market microstructure analytics to prepare the algorithms in the Algorithmic Management System (AMS) for the Canadian market. Their rich data sets enabled us to accelerate our go- to-market development efforts to launch our Canadian and Interlisted trading services. "

Senior Managing Director,
Head of Quantitative Analysis,
Clearpool Group

The Challenge

Clearpool Group, a technology provider of holistic electronic trading solutions and an independent agency broker-dealer, recently undertook this challenge. Their electronic trading solutions were already market leading in the US, but expanding to Canada meant learning the differences between Canada’s unique market structure and that of the US, understanding how data elements are mapped across almost 15 different venues’ market data feeds, and carefully analyzing existing order book dynamics between existing market participants to understand which trading strategies would perform best in the Canadian environment. Accumulating a historic database of granular tick data to support this analysis was fundamental to getting started quickly, but most marketplaces only offered a limited history of ‘trial data’, with varying degrees of completeness and differences in proprietary formats. Before this data could have even been used to generate analytics and meaningful insights, it would have required heavy data engineering and cleanup efforts.

The Solution

Clearpool Group was able to leverage TMX Grapevine, a platform developed by TMX Global Analytics that is loaded with global marketplace level 2 (full depth of book) equity tick data, to accelerate their journey. This platform came preloaded with market data representing the full consolidated view of Canadian equity trading in a normalized format, while maintaining the accuracy and granularity of capturing every order and trade event required for building sophisticated trading analytics. This allowed Clearpool to focus on building their advanced Transaction Cost Analysis solution and backtesting their strategies without being slowed down with basic data engineering and cleanup work. As a result, TMX observed one of the fastest time-to-market solutions by a new trading participant that we’ve ever seen.

Deeper analytics for the ever-expanding ETF industry

Bringing continued innovation from the “home of the ETF”, we provide a number of critical analytics necessary to build better products, support distribution, manage regulatory filings and analyze or compare ETFs in the context of your portfolio.

Help vendors & fintechs launch faster

Market data can be expensive when you’re starting up and scaling up. Our REST APIs provide a range of data & analytics options that help you build cutting edge products, get to market faster and serve your clients better.

Centralize your data model

Data maintenance is a low-value activity - skip building and managing this database yourself and integrate our cloud-native data lake of global public market data into your firm's data centralization strategy.

Better analytics. Better decisions.

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