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Montréal Exchange Celebrates its 140th Anniversary

January 28, 2014

Montréal Exchange Inc. (MX), a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMX Group Limited and Canada's derivatives exchange, today celebrates its 140th anniversary.

"Today marks another milestone in the proud history of the Montréal Exchange," said Alain Miquelon, President and CEO, Montréal Exchange Inc. and Group Head of Derivatives, TMX Group. "In looking back, we celebrate the founding spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that enabled our market to flourish and grow. These characteristics continue to distinguish MX as we strive to provide responsive, efficient markets for all of our participants here in Canada and around the world."

"MX has a well-earned global reputation for operational and customer service excellence," added Tom Kloet, CEO, TMX Group. "As we pause today to recognize the formative accomplishments of the past, we are invigorated in our work to deliver future successes.

The roots of the Exchange can be traced back to the first informal stock transactions in Canadian history. On January 28, 1874, the Montréal Stock Exchange obtained a legal charter and formalized a market structure for trading stocks. The Exchange played a major role in the expansion and vitality of Canada's industrial economy during the 20th century. Following the reorganization of the Canadian securities markets in 1999, Montréal Exchange became Canada's financial derivatives exchange. Today, MX offers retail and institutional investors – both domestic and foreign – a wide range of risk management products to protect their investments and enhance their portfolios. MX's futures and options products cover major asset classes, including interest rates with a time horizon of one day to 30 years, equities, FX, and Canadian indices. MX set a new overall volume record in 2013 with 66.2 million contracts traded, surpassing the previous record of 64.3 million contracts established in 2012.

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