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Work @ TMX

Our clients rely on us to help them realize their vision. We are a powerful ecosystem of markets and tools designed to support global businesses’ and investors’ diverse needs and goals. And knowing tomorrow’s biggest ideas could come from anywhere, we’re facilitating the development of bold new ways to power growth in Canada and around the world. As an organization that embraces diversity, champions change and creative thinking, we are always on the lookout for candidates who truly understand the meaning of 'client first' to join our team. Come see what the future has in store for you!

Students and Recent Grads

Our student and recent grad opportunities offer a rewarding career path and hands on experience in a cross-functional environment. At TMX we believe that young professionals are the future leaders of the organization. We ensure that your respective work assignments (whether that be through your summer work-term or the two-year Rotational Program) provide a meaningful engagement and learning experience strengthening your understanding of TMX business as well as the Canadian capital market.

You will be given the opportunity to apply your knowledge, creativity, past experience and skills toward identifying opportunities for change and designing innovative solutions that will deliver increased value to our clients.

Summer Associates

TMX Group's Summer Associate Program is open to university students entering their final year of studies. The program has been set up to create a talent pool of Associates who will be under consideration for acceptance into our two-year Rotational Associate Program, upon graduation.

Omar Awwad

Summer Associate

"As a Summer Associate with TMX Group, I had the opportunity to work with the Enterprise Risk Management Team for TMX’s Post Trade Services (CDCC and CDS) where I led different projects related to risk identification and risk assessment. This experience taught me how to strategically evaluate the business resiliency of a systematically important financial institution.

TMX’s environment has helped me quickly evolve as a professional member of the team and I'm looking forward to coming back in September 2018 as a full-time Associate in the Rotational Program."

Full-Time Associates

By joining TMX Group's Associate Program, new and recent grads will have the unique opportunity of working at the heart of Canada's capital markets as well as benefit from the diverse experience each rotation provides.

Our two-year Rotational Associate Program has four consecutive six-month work-term assignments and cross-functional opportunities.

Gina Ting

Associate - First Rotation

Graduate Class - 2019

"I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Commerce, specializing in Economics. The reason I chose to pursue a general Commerce degree was because I wanted the exposure to both Finance and Marketing.

After graduation, I was not entirely sure about the career path I wanted to take. The Rotational Program seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to explore various aspects of business operations.

My first rotation was within the Canadian Depository for Securities Limited (CDS), Issuer Services area. CDS supports Canada's equity, fixed income, and short-term debt markets and offers services for the safe custody and movement of securities, the post-trade processing of securities transactions, and the collection and distribution of entitlements relating to securities deposited by participants.

I especially enjoy the Rotational Program as there is a wide variety of opportunities that are available to me. In just a matter of a few months, I have been able to learn from very experienced professionals, as well as, different departments within the organization. I can only imagine the endless learning experiences I will gain from the rest of the Program.”

Rabbi Kazi

Associate - Second Rotation

Graduate Class - 2019

"I graduated from the Telfer School of Management (University of Ottawa) with a Bachelors of Commerce, specializing in Finance. I have completed my first rotation within Enterprise Risk Management, and am currently in my 2nd rotation with the Google team within our Global Technology Solutions arm.

The Associate Program has provided me with unprecedented amount of opportunity within an already unique company. Whether it’s gaining high level enterprise knowledge on the Risk Management team, or finding business solutions through technology with the Google team, this program truly has something for everyone looking to try different things. Being able to rotate around the organization has not only polished my skills, but instilled a sense of drive, to always reach outside my comfort zone to better myself, experience for our clients, and push the organization as a whole. TMX Group truly is amongst the best cultures in this industry.”

Rohan Kapoor

Associate - Third Rotation

Graduate Class - 2018

"I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Major in Business Administration, Specialization in Finance, and Minor in Economics. 

I chose the Full-Time Rotational Associate Program here at TMX Group because I saw the rotational aspect as an opportunity to explore my interests and strengths, and improve upon my development areas at a growing and evolving company. 

My first rotation was with the Tax Operations group at the Canadian Depository for Securities Limited. One of my responsibilities included certifying the amount of tax withheld and remitted to the CRA on Canadian divided payouts to Participants. Additionally, I helped to perform an analysis of our Canadian, US, and International Tax Services.

My second rotation was with TMX Enterprise Risk Management group. In this role, I was able to create and facilitate a risk rating session with the company's Executive Committee, where they rated enterprise wide risks on the basis of Impact, Likelihood, and Velocity. Based on these ratings, we analyzed the controls we had in place to ensure we were within our risk appetite. 

My current rotation is with the Relationship Management group in Equity Capital Markets. I work with my team to carry out Company Services that enhance the experience for companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange. I have also been working to map out our client journey to determine how we can proactively reach out to clients and provide more value."

Fahim Hoque

Associate Program

Graduate - 2017

“I graduated from the University of Toronto Scarborough with a Bachelors of Business Administration, Specialist (Co-operative) Program In Management And Finance.

I applied to the Associate Program after graduation and was fortunate enough to be part of the first cohort. What I really loved about the Program was the opportunity to experience so many different areas of the business and the networking opportunities that I established along the journey. The unique challenges and the exposure to mentorship from senior leadership was instrumental to my professional development. TMX Group is going through a transformative growth and it is very exciting to be a part of it. It’s rewarding to be able to act as a ‘change agent’ and positively impact your team and the broader corporate culture.

After completing the Rotational Program, I transitioned to a full time role within the Enterprise Risk Management group.”

Meet our Associates

At TMX, we offer our Associates the opportunity to participate in various campus recruitment initiatives. Our Associates have been the ambassadors of our program, both on and off-campus by attending Career Fairs and Information Sessions, mentoring and guiding applicants and new Associates, as well as, assisting with the pre and post-interview process.